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Physical Therapist in Potomac

We are not your typical sports therapy clinic. We are highly specialized movement analysts that are experts at solving dysfunction and not just addressing symptoms.

Many times when an athlete is injured, the first couple of treatments will be used to simply calm the injured area of the body. While this is an appropriate course of action, we take a more aggressive approach to treatment. At DC Pro PT we will not only enhance the healing process of those injured tissues, but will also immediately begin to correct biomechanical imbalances and dysfunctions that contributed to the injury and will impede its progress to heal. We will also facilitate the proper functioning of the proprioceptive and dynamic neuromuscular systems that will lead to enhanced on field performance when you return to action.

Additionally, since it is imperative to promote the healing process of your body as quickly as possible you have the option of being treated at our clinic in North Potomac, or we will come to work with you at your school, gym, or even your home. Appointments may be conveniently scheduled via phone, text, or email and we can see you at any time of the day or night that satisfies your needs.

Our ability to be flexible, mobile, and highly specialized with our treatment procedures, modalities, and approach will enable you to get back on the playing field in a significantly shorter period of time than with conventional treatment.