Testimonials Jarret Eaton, Professional 110m Hurdler

“I have worked with Bret since I was competing at international events since 1996, and we still work together today with my athletes at Duke. He has an uncanny ability to watch somebody perform, whether it be running, jumping, or throwing, and know exactly what he needs to do biomechanically to maximize their performance. He also has tremendous hands-on skills that enable him to get my athletes recovered quickly and to enhance their ability to compete at their best on the day of their event. I don’t know of any other PTs that do what he does or are as good as he is.”
- Shawn Wilbourn, Associate Head Coach, Duke University Track and Field

"Bret Stacy is a first-class therapist. In working with elite NCAA and professional athletes, there is no area of greater importance than health. Everything else is secondary. As coaches we are always seeking out the best doctors and therapists for our athletes. Bret is one of those rare individuals. We have been very fortunate to work with him, which gives us the greatest chance possible to train and compete free of injury. I've seen what he can do, and would recommend for any coach to send athletes to him. When elite athletes need someone to get them back to full health, Bret is absolutely as good as it gets."
- Dave Hegland, Assistant Coach, Syracuse University Track and Field

“Bret is the first person I talk to when it comes to injury or performance issues related to movement and biomechanics. I have sent him video using Dartfish for long distance consultations, and he is a valuable asset at the meets when my athletes are competing. His knowledge of human movement and performance is incredible, and he performs treatments that enhance results immediately.”
- BJ Linnenbrink, Assistant Coach (Throws), Duke University Track and Field